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Pascal 1.jpeg

showing in Birmingham Bike Foundry from

25th September- 11th October 2020

as of yet untitled is a piece which utilises the ambience of its exhibiting space as a tool to coerce participants into a state of listening / present moment focus. The work is comprised of four microphones and four speakers. Each microphone records the ambience of each day on to disk, which is then played back through its corresponding speaker the day following. Through the severance of the sound from its source the sound becomes an object in its own right and not just a belonging to something of the physical. This act of temporal displacement along with the mild qualitative abstraction that occurs through the process of recording/resounding alters the mundane and renders it other to the everyday. Through this process is achieved both are activation of the dormant experience and also an attentiveness drawn to the sounds /moments which during their time were unattended to/forgotten. Over the course it is left running, through the overlaying of successive ambiences the no-thing will build into something quite tangible and, if left running for a long enough duration the room tone -the space itself- will manifest quite audibly in this, what is otherwise a document of time.

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