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RUBIE GREEN He Should, She Will, They Do

He Should, She Will, They Do is a choral installation, made up of audio recordings texted to Rubie in the early stages of the coronavirus lockdown. Amplified through megaphones, the voices represent a diverse and expanded queer woman/personhood, making themselves heard and harmonising from their various and often difficult isolation situations. 


The individual voices that make up the work come from different parts of Rubie’s life, with  various levels of singing experience. Some are people Rubie sings with regularly in F*Choir, the feminist punk choir led by artist Jenny Moore. Others are art school friends and longtime collaborators. One of the singers met Rubie on instagram the week before the recording, and they have still not met in person.


Featuring the voices of:

Aga Ujma

Asher Fynn

Bianca Stephens

Jeni Bainbridge

M Tanner

Nina Scott

Rosa Irwin Clark

Zia X

showing at ARTEFACT from 25th September- 11th October 2020

He Should, She Will, They Do,  installed at Artefact 

This venue is on the ground floor but there is a step at the entrance.

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