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showing in Stirchley Reading Room,

39 Ivy Road from

4th - 11th October 2020


Foley Theatre is an irreverent and improvisatory approach to Foley Art sound making and graphic novels. For Ten Acres of Sound 2020 it  took the form of a “Foley Theatre in a Box”, a postal workshop which participants will use to record their own sound scores in response to a selection of comic strips. The end result will be a collaged sound score created in relay style by participants in Stirchley and further afield.

The graphics  are a selection from comix printed at Artslab in the 70s by the publisher Ar:zak. At this time Birmingham was one of the key locations for underground zine and comic printing and publishing with the first ever UK underground comix convention happening here in 1976. Expect teacher androids gone rogue and beautifully poetic space exploration.

All the sounds and graphics from the participants and comix are exhibited at Stirchley Reading Room, with the objects and source material, as two video works.

This venue is on the ground floor and there is a small step at the entrance.

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