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Sam Andreae - no-input mixer, self-made electronics, alto saxophone

video by Sam Andreae


recorded in Bromley-by-bow, London between the 3rd and 6th of September 2020


Made for the The Noise Indoors online video series organised by the well known improv night The Noise Upstairs which has been running in Manchester and across the North West for over a decade. The video footage is take around Three Mills Green and Lea Navigation. The audio is recorded in real-time, with sampled material being combined through feedback loops and switching audio paths. No-input mixer is the method of feeding a devices output back into the input, causing a feedback loop which can be manipulated in various ways. This is something I've explored over many years in conjunction with self made electrical devices and conductive objects. Making this track I was reminded of tuning between different radio stations, or skipping through youtube videos, half-hearing each element and creating a collage of contrasting sounds.



Sam Andreae - objects, micro-motors, saxophone mouthpiece

Kate Armitage - voice, ocarina

David Birchall - banjo, amplified marimba, bamboo flute


video by Mio Ebisu & Sam Andreae

recorded on the internet, 15th of September 2020


This is an extract from a remote session between musicians located in Manchester and London. We met in a "room" on the internet hosted by Noise Orchestra using their in development ANU (autonomous-noise-unit) devices. Extreme isolation of audio signals, close microphone setup and headphone listening experience means that these sessions become incredibly intimate. A sensation explored more explicitly by the many ASMR youtubers. This session was actually one of the more glitchy in terms of internet audio quality, but we just really liked the ritualistic spaces the music went to.



Sam Andreae - alto saxophone

Hannah Marshall - cello

Otto Willberg - sampler


video by Hannah Marshall, audio recorded by Otto Willberg

Recorded at Middlesex Filterbeds 21st of June 2020


This trio has been meeting and improvising together regularly for the last year. The session took at Middlsex Filterbeds in East London. The old victoria filtration system is now mostly woodland, only the super structures remain as raised paths through the park. We met in the afternoon of the summer solstice.

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