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Round and round the objects go. Bashing out a rhythm
as they tumble. “Faster, faster” cry the onlookers as they
watch the tombola being furiously hand-cranked.

The Noise Tombola is a human-powered, mechanical, acoustic rhythm machine that creates a cacophony of sound derived from whatever The Locals have thrown inside it. The faceted design givesthe sounds produced a rhythm, so that it can be experienced both in abstract and as part of a wider
musical happening.

Between uses, The Noise Tombola can be emptied of the items previously gathered and refilled to create a fresh soundscape. It can be used to drive community engagement and even do-goodery, by encouraging litter picking or the collection of leaves and other detritus. The sounds created will vary from harsh noise clankery to soft earth sludgery, making it versatile as part of avariety of community performances and ceremonies.

Bring the noise. Bring the Noise Tombola...


showing in the ARTEFACT garden from

25th September- 11th October 2020

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